Welcome to the website of Dr. Susan Ollar, director of Boulder Integrative Psychology.

Dr. Ollar has been in practice since 1988, dedicated to helping her patients understand the causes of their problems and to regain mastery, control and well-being in their lives.

Dr. Ollar is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist, with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar illness, chronic illness and pain management.

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Dr. Susan Ollar
Dr. Susan Ollar
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Ollar is also an expert in the evaluation and treatment of cognitive problems including dementias associated with Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological disorders. She works in consultation with neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, psychiatrists and other physicians, in order to offer diagnostic clarity to their patients.

Dr. Ollar is a member of the American Psychological Association, the National Academy of Neuropsychology, and is on the Medical Staff of Boulder Community Hospital.

There are helpful links and informational articles for individuals and families who are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, bipolar illness, trauma and a variety of life problems.

"My family was desperate to help my sister... Dr. Ollar helped us realize that my sister has Alzheimer’s Disease. She didn’t leave us after the diagnosis. With regular checkups Dr. Ollar helps us understand my sister and has given her a good chance at life while she can still enjoy being with us and her friends."
-- A.K.
"Thank you for helping me to live with Bipolar Illness. I didn't understand why I had so much trouble in my marriage, or having steady friends in my life. My work with you is bringing back my self-confidence and is opening a new world to me. My wife tells me that I am a better listener. Your mindfulness training has shown me how to release a lot of anger and anxiety that I've lived with for years."
-- L. B.