Professional Services

Dr. Susan B. Ollar, Director of Boulder Integrative Psychology, has been in practice in the Boulder and Denver areas since 1988, providing psychological services to adults, adolescents, couples and families. Dr. Ollar is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist who offers a wide variety of expert psychological services, including:


Depression, anxiety, grief and loss, traumatic responses, are painful emotions that cause people to need psychological help. When you work with me, I will quickly determine an appropriate treatment plan, to help you to feel better as quickly as possible.

I utilize a Mindfulness based, Cognitive Therapy (CT), solution-focused approach in treating patients. The emphasis of this treatment model is on helping individuals maximize their strengths to achieve significant short and long term goals. It stresses purpose driven awareness, interpersonal acceptance and presence, facing challenging thoughts, feelings and situations, and accurate self-perception leading to creative solutions to problems based on meaningful insights and core values. I identify individual’s problems as well as their beliefs and spiritual values in order to provide the best outcome according to each person’s needs. Changes are cultivated to develop insight, mindfulness and awareness, and very importantly, your well-being.

I will work with your physician and psychiatrist when appropriate, in order to create a supportive safety net as well as treatment options for relief of depression and anxiety.

In your work with me you can anticipate opportunities to address:

  • Meaningful and sustaining relationships
  • Satisfying and fulfilling work
  • Finding your purpose
  • Defining yourself
  • Depression (major depression, Bipolar depression)
  • Anxiety and panic disorder
  • Life transitions
  • Trauma and grief recovery
  • Addictions and co-dependency

Cognitive therapy teaches you how your particular patterns of thinking are causing your symptoms and life problems. The therapeutic relationship helps you to weaken the connections between troublesome situations and your habitual and often self defeating reactions to them. You will develop powerful tools for minimizing or elimination your symptoms and find yourself creating a purpose driven life worth living.

I offer teaching tools such as mindfulness training, interpersonal skills and distress tolerance skills. This approach leads to insight, understanding, and real life skills that translate to well-being, successes in your personal life and in the workplace.

At times, in the course of psychotherapy, it may be helpful to invite other family members to attend a session or series of sessions. In working with adolescents, it is usual that the parent(s) or designated caregiver is an important participant in the therapeutic process. Confidentiality is essential in providing a safe environment for change.

In addition to my work with individuals, I work with people in relationships, who are struggling with tensions that have become painful life problems. Group psychotherapy is another avenue for healing and change (see Workshops and Groups).

Gender issues are dealt with sensitively and with respect.

Mental Health Evaluations

When there is a question about the diagnosis and treatment of your mental health problems, I evaluate each person to provide diagnostic information and suggestions so that you can better understand your problems and attain wellness and clarity. This is accomplished using valid, state of the art testing as well as individual and family clinical interviews.

Neuropsychological Assessments

I am a licensed Clinical Pshychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist with many years of private practice and hospital based experience in the evaluation and treatment of neurological and trauma induced problems in thinking, reasoning and memory. I am an expert in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias. I am a member of the National Academy of Neuropsycholgoy.

Wellness planning for chronic illness and injuries

People with chronic illnesses or injuries often find themselves feeling depressed and anxious. They may believe that they will never recover their ability to feel well within themselves. I have extensive experience in the treatment of problems related to chronic illness and injury, including adjusting to illness, understanding how to care for oneself, finding joy and fulfillment despite illness or injury, issues of pain management and improving mood.

I will work in the role of advocate or team member with your health care professionals. This includes primary care and specialty care physicians, psychiatrists, alternative medical specialists, acupuncturists, physical therapists and pain rehabilitation specialists. I will make sure that your treatment needs are met, and that important issues don't "fall through the cracks" and go untreated.

Life coaching

Professional coaching is a dynamic process conducted in person or over the telephone. It offers people the opportunity to engage in a creative dialogue with me as I guide them through professional transitions and opportunities, as well as challenging life changes. In working with a trained psychologist as a life coach, clients can be assured that difficult emotional issues that may arise will be effectively resolved, without the need for further referrals.